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Why is an Insurance Agent Important to You?

By February 10, 2022April 11th, 2024No Comments

Today everyone wants to do everything online. While this may be the most convenient, it may not be the best idea with certain things like your insurance.  Insurance Agents must take a course and pass a state test about insurance and coverage. They also must take 24 hours of continuing Education every 2 years to keep their license active.

An experienced license insurance agent can help you make informed decisions on the coverages you need and tell you why. They also know the ins and outs of the systems they use to quote, bind, and change coverage.  Independent agents, like All About Insurance, have access to a wide variety of carriers and they can find you the best policy that fits your needs.Talking with agent

In today’s online world, we have seen many errors caused by the insured making changes incorrectly. When adding or removing a car online from your policy, you need to be careful with the dates. The insurance companies report to the DMV and those dates are important as little discrepancies can cause big problems. If your insurance information is incorrect, your license plates can be suspended or revoked. Your car can go without coverage or have insufficient coverage, if you don’t understand what the coverage means.

Is there a difference between a local agent and the ones at the 800 numbers? YES! A local agent will evaluate your needs.  The agents you speak to on the phone are aligned with the companies they work for. Local agents can give you advice on situations, while someone at an 800 number will report anything you tell them to the company, which in turn can cause increases in your rates.

Local agents are also great when you have a claim and are not sure what your options are. They are familiar with their carriers and can guide you in the process.
At All About Insurance, WE WORK FOR YOU, and your best interest is our utmost importance. Call us today with question you may have.