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Fidelity Bonds in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, & Durham, NC

What are Fidelity Bonds?

Fidelity bonds protect businesses from the disreputable actions of employees who, through their position, use confidential information that causes a company loss. A fidelity bond guarantees against loss experienced by companies due to the unpredictable and sometimes unlawful actions of people in positions of trust. When employee theft or malfeasance occurs, a fidelity bond will help cover costs related to commercial larceny.

Nearly every business is susceptible to employee misconduct that can result in financial loss. With coverage from All About Insurance, you protect yourself from the possibility of employee theft that could prove incredibly damaging to a business. With a fidelity bond, you have your assets, commercial equipment, and company supplies covered. Fidelity bonds also extend to non-profit and professional organizations.

Types of Fidelity Bonds:

All About Insurance Fidelity Bonds include:

ERISA Bonds – cover any claims involving Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This includes situations that range from imprudent investments to failure to enroll employees.

Employee Dishonesty Bonds – protect against acts of fraud and larceny that negatively impact your business or its property.

Business Service Bonds - that protect against theft of a client’s or customer’s property on their premises as a result of your employee’s careless actions.

All About Insurance agents who specialize in business insurance will break down the variety of options available to you for fidelity insurance. Our agents know the importance of understanding each business or organization’s unique needs so you receive the relevant coverage for your industry.