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4 Car Safety Myths Debunked

By July 22, 2021April 11th, 2024No Comments

One of the greatest dangers on the road is the misinformation lurking in the minds of many drivers. These myths not only affect the safety of the driver who holds them, but also the well-being of other motorists he or she may endanger on the road. Don’t let these four myths affect your driving.
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All-Season Tires Are Perfectly Safe for Winter Driving 
All-season tires are a compromise between tires specifically designed for the summer and tires designed for the winter. This means they’re okay for both seasons. Okay doesn’t equate to excellent performance. This is especially true when the temperature gets very cold. The rubber used in winter tires stays soft in very low temperatures, while the rubber in all-season tires does not. Soft rubber improves grip on snow, ice and even on cold, dry pavement.

Hands-Free Headphones For Cell Phone Use Are Safe for Driving 
The problem with cell phone use has less to do with driving with one hand than with driving while distracted. Driving two tons of steel on the road demands your full attention. Talking over the phone makes full use of your thinking brain, which means you’re driving on autopilot. This leaves you incapable of anticipating road dangers or of reacting to unexpected situations.

I Can Handle Skids On Snowy Roads, So I’m Safe 
Knowing how to get out of skids in parking lots or other slow driving situations doesn’t guaranty safety in all circumstances. Making turns at high speeds demands more traction between the tire and the road. This is why cars go into skids when they are turned too sharply at high speeds. Getting out of a skid on ice at highway speeds is next to impossible because there is too little traction for steering motions to have any effect. Don’t allow overconfidence to cause you to let your guard down.

Locked Doors Prevent Rescuers From Reaching You After an Accident 
During an accident, the stresses on the car frame may cause doors to open. This increases the risk of a car ejection, which substantially reduces your chances of survival. Locked doors are less prone to popping open in an accident. Rescuers have the tools and training for reaching victims in their cars, even when the doors are locked.

Separating myth from reality makes you a safer driver, which means you’re less likely to have an accident. This is good for your personal safety and your driving record, which means a greater likelihood of lower auto insurance premiums.

We aim to keep you safer on the road. Call All About Insurance today for more information on North Carolina auto insurance.