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AAI Presents The Sock-Tober Sock Drive

By September 28, 2022April 11th, 2024No Comments

All About Insurance Presents The Sock-Tober Sock Drive at All Locations

At All About Insurance, we make it a priority to enrich the local communities we serve. This year we will be supporting local organizations across North Carolina to provide socks to those in need within our communities. Presented by All About Insurance, The Sock-Tober Sock drive collects socks to benefit local non-profits and the homeless community.  Please visit one of our 12 locations to make a donation starting on October 3rd and running through the holiday season in December. With the temps dropping soon, we all know how cold it can get at night in North Carolina. We want to provide as many folks with warm socks as we can.

Find a Location to Donate 

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Why Socks?

Did you know socks are the most needed item at homeless shelters?
Although they are highly requested, they are the least donated item. People very rarely donate socks when donating old clothes. Most of us throw them away.

Here are some important facts about socks: 

1. When it’s cold out, frostbite can happen in 30 minutes or less. Having good socks can prevent this.
2. Wearing the right socks is important for foot health. Foot problems are prominent at homeless shelters because of this.
3. Clean and proper-fitting socks are essential to healthy and happy feet.
4. Having the right socks can improve blood flow and circulation, which protects feet from the elements. 

With the help of our amazing and passionate staff and our clients throughout North Carolina, we hope to provide socks to those most in need this fall.

Find a Location to Donate