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How Do I Get More Insurance Discounts?

By April 30, 2021April 11th, 2024No Comments

There are a lot discounts in the insurance world. How do you know if you are getting all of them? It depends on whether or not the carrier offers certain discounts. Some examples of the discounts are:

AUTO – Telematics, Accident free, multicar, Non NW Homeowners, Martial Status, Driving Experience, Paperless, multiline and Easy pay.

HOME – Age of Construction, Renovations, Marital Status, home purchase, Paperless, Easy pay, alarm, multiline, and 5 years claims free.

Different carriers have different discounts, so check with your carrier to make sure and don’t forget to keep all your insurance needs in one place (that alone could give you very large discounts). If you want to get all of your insurance in one place call us at 919-321-2886, put in your zip code and it will get you to the closest office. Or you can call Therese at 919-931-5432.

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